Understanding Clear Aligner Benefits

Posted on: August 22, 2018

Clear Aligners

Clear aligner benefits are one of the biggest reasons why these dental devices have become popular over the years. Clear braces allow dentists to fix alignment issues without having to compromise the patient's appearance.

Once upon a time, traditional metal braces were the only practical solution for many dental issues. While these devices have been proven to be effective at correcting serious alignment issues like overbites and underbites, it also drastically changes the appearance of the person's smile.

It is a highly visible device that often leaves those who wear it feeling self-conscious about their appearance. While there have been some significant improvements to the look of metal braces over the years, these remain the most visible alternative when it comes to straightening teeth.

Fortunately, for those who would like to fix their alignment issues without altering the appearance of the smile, clear braces can be used for this purpose. Clear aligner benefits like the devices being virtually undetectable inside the wearer's mouth give them a substantial advantage over traditional braces.

How clear aligners work

Clear aligners are mouth-guard like devices that function similarly to the way traditional braces work. When inserted, these trays apply constant pressure on the wearer's teeth, gradually pushing it into the proper position.

Patients get multiple trays when they start treatment, and each is worn for about two weeks. Each tray in the series pushes the wearer's teeth a little bit closer to the desired position.

Let us take a look at some of the main benefits of clear aligners.

Clear aligner benefits

1. Hard to notice

One of the main reasons people opt for clear braces is because they want to get orthodontic treatments without everyone they interact with being aware of the fact they are getting work done. Clear aligners serve that function well. These devices fit firmly over the wearer's teeth, and they are not noticeable when the wearer smiles or opens their mouth.

2. Can be easily removed

Clear braces can be easily removed, unlike traditional braces that can only be removed by a dentist. This function allows the wearer to remove it for meals. That prevents food particles and stains from getting lodged into the device or staining it. That is a significant issue that people who wear traditional metal braces often complain about. Food particles get stuck on the brackets and wires, and continually having to clean them off can become tiring.

Clear braces can also be easily removed when it is time to clean the mouth. That makes it easier for the wearer to practice good oral hygiene.

3. Improved comfort

It often takes a few months for people to get used to wearing traditional metal braces. People who wearer these clunky devices also tend to experience pain from time to time. Clear braces are the more comfortable option, and the adjustment period is shorter.

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