Gum Contouring

gum contouring

Definitive Dental in Grand Prairie, Texas offers high-quality cosmetic dentistry in the Dallas and Fort Worth metro area. Learn if you’re a possible candidate for gum contouring and what to expect.

What is gum contouring?

Gum shaping or contouring is a cosmetic dental surgery to reshape gums. This can be done to improve the appearance of a smile, either by shaping tissue to move back gums for a less gummy smile or by moving tissue in after gum recession so gums have a fuller appearance. 

Whether you want to move gums “up” or “down,” you can improve the appearance of your smile with gum contouring at Definitive Dental. We can help you find the solution that’s best for your mouth.

gums reshaped
Gums Reshaped
Improve the appearance of your smile with gum contouring at Definitive Dental.
Customized Cosmetic Surgery
Each circumstance and mouth are different, so choose Dentistry Done Right for a fully customized experience for you.
Recommended? Get It Covered.
Part or all of your surgery may be covered by insurance if the procedure was recommended by the dentist for a specific oral health purpose.
We’ll Follow Up For Your Peace of Mind
Stressed about recovery? Don’t be! We’ll schedule a follow-up and be available in the meantime for any concerns.
Quality without the Drive
We provide local high-quality dentistry right here in Grand Prairie.
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Who can get gum contouring? 

Anyone recommended by a dentist can get gum contouring. This may be a desirable cosmetic surgery for those who think their gums are uneven or are otherwise dissatisfied with their appearance. Typically, teens coming out of traditional metal braces will experience gum overgrowth that will need to be corrected.

In addition to cosmetic purposes, gum reshaping may also be recommended for specific medical reasons, such as improving gum health as a consequence of gum disease.

gum contouring appointment

What should I expect with this surgery? 

Day of Surgery

When you come into the office for your scheduled gum contouring appointment, our dentist will show you exactly how he plans to shape your gums before beginning the process with you. Your experience will be fully personalized to you. You will be awake but your mouth will be numbed for the procedure.


Definitive Dental can provide you a specific treatment plan post-surgery with specific directions tailored to your experience. Generally, after gums are reshaped, your mouth will be sensitive for a few days. You’ll want to avoid certain foods while the gums heal, including harder foods to bite, sharp foods, and spicy foods.

The length of the healing process varies, but we can work with you to give you the smoothest recovery process possible.

See If Gum Contouring Is Right For You

Schedule a dentist consultation with us so we can see if gum contouring is right for you and get you started with dentistry done right.

Looking for gum contouring near me — or needing to book a 6-month checkup? Definitive Dental is here to help you Take Your Smile To New Heights.

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