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Why Go to a Teeth Whitening Dentist?

As we age, our teeth naturally become duller and more yellow. However, if your lifestyle involves smoking and frequently consuming coffee and soda, this can speed up the staining or yellowing process. Our teeth whitening solution is an effective treatment option for patients who want speedy, sparkling results. Our teeth whitening dentist can perform the procedure in the office in under an hour, providing you with the best teeth whitening experience. We also have several professional-strength take-home options for you to whiten at home!

Why Is Teeth Whitening Necessary?

A poor smile affects subconscious social behavior and can be resolved relatively quickly. Teeth whitening performed by a teeth whitening dentist at our office is done speedily and restores your smile to a beautiful state. Our staff and cutting-edge processes ensure you have the best teeth whitening experience, with expert guidance and follow-up.

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Definitive Dental is a top-rated cosmetic dental clinic in Grand Prairie. Set up an appointment with a teeth whitening dentist today!

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Who Can Have Teeth Whitening Done?

Most people who want teeth whitening can have it done. Professionally done whitening will not impact the way your other dental restorations look. Crowns, veneers, fillings, bonding, or bridgework won’t suffer or alter in color due to whitening. When you come in for an examination, we can advise whether teeth whitening is an option. If you have other dental problems, like tooth decay, you might need additional treatments before you undergo teeth whitening in Grand Prairie.

What Happens During the Teeth Whitening Process?

Our whitening is relatively quick. Once you’re comfortably seated in the chair, we’ll place a cheek retractor to keep your lips and cheeks out of the way. We’ll then apply a whitening gel to your teeth and angle a bright light to expedite the results. After about 30 minutes, we’ll cleanse the gel and apply a new layer.

Just like that, in less than an hour, you’ll walk out with a smile that is much whiter and brighter than it was before. You can even return to the office to have it done again if you wish.

Who Is A Candidate For Teeth Whitening

Ready to schedule a teeth whitening appointment in Grand Prairie?

In-Office vs At-Home Zoom! Treatments

You may choose to complete whitening treatments at home as well. At-home treatment will first require two appointments in the office. During the first appointment with our teeth whitening dentist, he will produce molds to create your teeth pattern. Then, you will try on your molds or trays during the second appointment. Afterward, you will wear your trays with whitening solution daily for 15-30 minutes over two weeks.

In-office teeth whitening treatments in Grand Prairie are ideal for patients wanting a rapid solution. However, an at-home treatment is an excellent option if you simply want to maintain your teeth’s white color from the convenience of your home.

Foods and Drinks to Avoid for White Teeth

Avoid dark fruits and vegetables like berries, cherries, beetroot, and carrots to maintain a white smile. Or, if you do eat these foods, be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly afterward. Likewise, steer clear of coffee, tea, and white and red wine. Even though white wine is colorless, the wine’s acid weakens your teeth, which leaves your teeth vulnerable to future staining from dark-colored foods and drinks.

You should also stay away from tomato-based ketchup. This dark and sugary condiment contains potent spices, such as turmeric, curry, and cumin, that can stain your pearly whites over time. 

Similarly, cola contains dye ingredients that can stain your teeth, so skip this soda to keep your teeth white in the years ahead. Finally, be sure to limit coffee and tea and avoid smoking, as these all cause heavy stains.

If you’re looking for a top-rated teeth whitening dentist, give us a call or text at (972) 646-0660. Our staff will happily set up an appointment for teeth whitening in Grand Prairie.


When planning to visit a teeth whitening dentist in Grand Prairie or the Dallas & Fort Worth metro area, you have to ensure they are qualified and experienced. At Definitive Dental, our testimonials offer a glimpse into what it’s like when you visit our practice for your dental needs. Apart from having a good dentist, you must also ensure you don’t consume specific foods and beverages after treatment. You must also refrain from smoking and maintain good oral hygiene afterward.

Visiting Definitive Dental guarantees you the best teeth whitening experience; it will ensure that a whitening agent is entirely safe throughout and after the process. Our experienced team and teeth whitening dentist minimize any damage to your teeth while applying the whitening agent. You must follow our team’s aftercare suggestions to ensure your teeth remain white and healthy.

Excessive or reckless use of over-the-counter whitening products or home remedies can lead to unwanted side effects. When you want the best results without any harm being done, visit our teeth whitening dentist in Grand Prairie for your treatment and guidance. If you have sensitive teeth, it is recommended that you don’t try any teeth whitening products by yourself at home.

While it’s possible that home teeth whitening kits can cause temporary tooth sensitivity, it’s usually not the case at Definitive Dental. Under the supervision of a qualified dentist at Definitive Dental, you will not need to worry about any pain or discomfort. Our teeth whitening dentist ensures that the concentration of whitening agents is controlled, minimizing the risk of discomfort.

You should get a dental check-up before opting for an at-home or in-office teeth whitening treatment in Grand Prairie. An orthodontist can evaluate your teeth and identify any existing dental issues through a scheduled dental check-up. We will also let you know if you are a suitable candidate for undergoing an in-office teeth whitening treatment. 

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