Is a Dental Filling Always Required for Cavities?

Dental fillings can be costly and uncomfortable for many people. Because filling a cavity requires drilling the decayed tooth, people are often curious about what other ways a cavity can be treated. Traditionally, a cavity was treated by filling the … Continued

5 Ways to Ensure Broken or Chipped Teeth are Fixed

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Dental Treatments to Remove Tooth Stains

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How Do Acidic Drinks Hurt Teeth?

Acidic drinks, along with acidic foods, can be detrimental to our oral health, causing an increased chance of tooth decay and stained teeth. While most understand that acidic drinks are harmful, many do not understand exactly how they damage teeth. … Continued

What Are Tooth Colored Fillings?

If you had the chance to select between tooth-colored fillings that match the natural color of your teeth and silver-colored metal amalgam, you would most likely choose the former. Well, it is evident because we are always conscious of our … Continued

What is a Dental Restoration?

Dental restorations refer to the various treatments aimed at restoring or repairing lost teeth or damaged areas of a tooth. Portions of the tooth may be lost due to decay, degradation, deterioration from prior restoration or even injuries.  Examples of … Continued

Understanding Clear Aligner Benefits

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5 Quick Smile Makeover Treatments

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Are Composite Dental Fillings Safe?

Wondering if composite dental fillings are going to be the right choice for you? This tooth colored filling option is becoming quite popular amongst dental patients these days. Why? The filling is not only very strong and durable, but it … Continued