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Invisible Aligners Guide: Everything You Need to Know

ou’re ready to start smiling with confidence by straightening your teeth, but you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of wearing traditional metal braces. Fortunately, you may not have to. 

With invisible aligners—an increasingly popular alternative to traditional metal braces—you can easily straighten your teeth in an effective and discreet way. Here is a look at everything you need to know about invisible aligners, including cleaning invisible aligners and eating with your aligners.

See the End Results Before you Start!

The all-digital process, from digital scans to digital x-rays, will allow you to see how your teeth will look after treatment is completed before you even begin. The process is remarkably simple and best of all, no gunky impressions. 

A Look at Invisible Aligners

Aligners are made from thin shells made of plastic that are designed to gently push your teeth into the proper position gradually. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners are relatively transparent and are also less likely to irritate your gums. With these aligners, you can experience excellent teeth-straightening results starting in just four to six weeks while also being able to remove your aligners when needed.

How Invisible Aligners Work

When you use aligners, you will likely replace your aligners every two weeks as your teeth shift. Every new aligner you receive will be completely unique based on the current shape and placement of your teeth at each stage of the teeth alignment transformation process. You will need to wear your aligners for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours per day to ensure appropriate tooth movement.

Length of Treatment with Invisible Aligners

With SureSmile, you will experience amazing results with fewer refinements at the end and on average three months shorter treatment time than Invisalign! Your full treatment with aligners may take between six and 18 months. Adult patients who underwent previous orthodontic treatment usually achieve the results they desire in just 12 weeks. Some patients might require more complex treatment plans based on their particular bite or crowding issues, and traditional braces may be necessary. We will be able to let you know during your initial consultation.

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Eating with Invisible Aligners

One of the biggest benefits of aligners is that they can easily be removed before mealtimes. For this reason, it is recommended that you avoid eating with your aligners. By removing your aligners before you eat, you avoid damaging them by chewing on foods that are hard. You also prevent pieces of food from becoming trapped between the aligners and teeth, possibly causing cavities.

On the flip side, you can feel free to drink water while wearing your aligners. However, it is best to avoid drinking anything else or hot beverages with your aligners on, as the heat may warp the aligners. In addition, you might want to avoid any -colored beverages, which may stain your aligners. Likewise, keep cavities at bay by steering clear of sugary beverages when you’re wearing aligners.

Cleaning Invisible Aligners

When it comes to cleaning your aligners, you should rinse them thoroughly whenever you remove them. Then, brush them using a toothbrush with soft bristles and liquid soap that is clear and mild. Afterward, rinse your aligners to remove the soap. Your aligners will then be ready to use again.

Take Advantage of Aligners at Definitive Dental!

If you’re ready to improve your smile’s appearance and function with aligners, we at Definitive Dental can help. All it takes is a call to our office to begin your invisible aligner journey. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation and begin transforming your smile!

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