A woman brushing her teeth in the mirror

Teeth Whitening at Home

Are you wondering about how you can whiten your teeth without coming into the office? We’ll go over what to do if you’re looking for that bright shine for your smile achieved right from the comfort of your own home.

Can I whiten my own teeth?

While it is possible to whiten your own teeth, it may not be as quick and easy as the top results on the Internet lead you to believe. If you want to do your teeth whitening at home, the best-case methods use peroxide. However, don’t assume you can just follow suggestions from Pinterest or TikTok to mix your brown-bottle hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, or to use a whitening toothpaste that contains peroxide, and instantly get the white teeth you want. 

Results may take a long time before you’ll be able to recognize a difference. And mixing your own solution can be ineffective or even dangerous, depending on the ratios and products you use. The last thing you want is to damage your teeth because you were trying to do teeth whitening at home. Instead, you’ll want a safe, effective treatment option where you can work to maintain your results.

A woman brushing her teeth in the mirror

How can you do teeth whitening at home? 

Don’t worry — you can whiten your teeth safely and effectively at home. You’ll want to get a hydrogen or carbamide peroxide gel directly from a trusted dental service

And this can’t be someone you don’t know, even if they’re a high-quality dentistry office, because the whitening gel needs to be used with a custom-made mouth guard for you. So you can whiten your teeth at home, but you still need the help of your dentist. At Definitive Dental, we offer several professional-strength take-home options for teeth whitening at home, as well as in-office options.

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Is teeth whitening at home fast?

Do you need your teeth whitening done stat, so you can be picture ready for your best friend’s big day or for some extra confidence with that big project presentation at work? Then you probably shouldn’t do it just by yourself at home.

Teeth whitening at home does give you the most control over the shade of white your teeth become, but it’s not the fastest way. If you’re looking for fast teeth whitening, come into Definitive Dental. Our teeth whitening procedure is called Zoom!, so you know it’s speedy!

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If you want your teeth whitened, Definitive Dental is here to help. Schedule a dentist consultation with us so we can look into the best solutions to take your smile to the next level.

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