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What Do I Do in a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can occur at virtually any time and leave you in pain and feeling distraught. In some cases, the pain you experience during a dental emergency is difficult to tolerate without immediate treatment. Treatment of a dental emergency should be sought soon after you begin experiencing the problem. This prevents the issue from getting worse and ensures that you are receiving the care that you need. In some cases, an antibiotic may be needed if there is an infection present.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any situation that is causing you pain, discomfort or distress. Some emergencies aren’t necessarily painful but can become an issue if ignored, like an orthodontic emergency. Other issues can be severely painful and require immediate treatment. Reaching out for care is important because it helps to eradicate the problem and begin treatment when it is most needed rather than waiting for it. You should never wait to handle a dental emergency, since many will not go away on their own without getting some type of treatment in the office.

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What Could Be Considered a Dental Emergency?

Emergencies can range from causing severe pain to just simply being an annoyance in your day. However, quick treatment of the emergency is important so that you can get back to living life without feeling uncomfortable in any way. Emergencies can affect both pediatric and adult patients. Some of the most common emergencies include:

  • Pain and toothache
  • Infections and abscesses
  • Post-operative complications
  • Orthodontic emergencies
  • Bleeding and swollen gums
  • Restorations that are loose or have fallen out (fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges)
  • Broken appliances (mouth guards, dentures)
  • Broken, cracked, chipped or fractured teeth

How are Emergencies Handled?

The first step is to call in the emergency and be scheduled for an appointment as soon as feasibly possible. You will come into the office and be comfortably seated. We’ll ask you about what is bothering you and will take an x-ray, if needed. We will then perform an examination to determine the problem and to offer quick, effective treatment of the issue. If there is an infection, you may need to take antibiotics first to clear the infection before any type of work can be done. Emergency appointments are always done conveniently and are helpful in determining the cause of your pain and discomfort while simultaneously offering the best quality treatment.

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Definitive Dental is experienced in offering emergency dental treatments in Grand Prairie, TX. If you are in need of immediate assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff to schedule a visit with Dr. Peter Guirguis as soon as possible!


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