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What Is the Right Age to Start with Oral Hygiene?

What Is The Right Age To Start With Oral Hygiene

Teeth are an important part of our body. In this post, we show you what is the right age to start with oral hygiene.

The right age to start with oral hygiene

First six months

Although it is from the first 6 months of being born, that the baby’s teething begins, starting with oral hygiene from birth is important.

 This prevents the appearance of bacteria in the mouth of the newborn. According to the dentist and dental surgeon, Dr. Felipe Guzmán, “Establishing proper oral hygiene is of paramount importance, even before the eruption of the first teeth.”

Buccal cleaning tips for newborns

  • Clean the gums with gauze or clean cloths, soaked in boiled water.
  • Do not use any chemical as it could cause a reaction in the baby’s gums or tongue.
  • Cleaning the tongue continuously will prevent breast milk from sticking and creating a layer of waste.

The first teeth

It is estimated that the first two teeth, the lower front, appear at 6 months of age. Therefore, it is necessary to continue cleaning them, with special brushes for this age. Alongside the teeth, it is also important to clean the gum area, the tongue and the inner side of the cheeks. It is advisable to do this procedure at least twice a day. This will prevent the formation of cavities in the future.

Source of caries after food consumption

According to a baby’s nutritional plan, the intake of complementary foods begins at 6 months of age. Therefore, they are exposed to the appearance of decay or spots on the first teeth. If you don’t want fungus and bacteria to appear on the teeth, it is better to start with proper oral hygiene. Do it once the child starts with complementary feeding. Breast milk is the best source of nutrients and vitamins for the little ones. However, this can also bring a lot of fat and sugars. That is why if your baby is one of those who falls asleep while feeding, at dawn you should apply a dental cleaning routine.

Baby’s first brush

For the first teeth, there are specialized brushes. They consist of soft, rubber bristles, which do not cause damage to the baby’s delicate gums. These brushes should be used without toothpastes. In addition to the fact that the baby does not have the ability to expel toothpaste, it is not recommended because it is irritating. Therefore, when using it, wash it with water and store it in a container where it is not exposed to pollutants.

Starting to use toothpaste

Toothpaste, once your baby starts using it, should be fluoridated. And it must be applied in small quantities (such as the size of a pea). Although it should not be used at an early age, starting at 3 years of age is the right time. The brush should be made of fine bristles and, as in babies, school-age children should clean their teeth twice a day. It is essential to remind children that toothpaste should not be swallowed. 

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