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Should You Pull a Loose Tooth?

Your little one approaches you with that unforgettable smile of his, but this time, you notice something different: one of his little teeth is starting to wiggle.

The more that your child pushes his loose tooth with his tongue, the more flexible “the wiggler” becomes. Maybe it’s because it looks uncomfortable or maybe it’s because it seems like that tooth is hanging on for dear life. In either case, it’s tempting to give that wiggler a good yank.

Don’t, though.

You should not pull a loose tooth, as this can have an adverse impact on your child’s permanent teeth when they begin to grow in. Here’s everything you need to know about pulling baby teeth—and why you shouldn’t do it.

Why You Should Not Pull a Loose Tooth

If you attempt to pull your child’s loose tooth on your own, you may end up causing damage to your child’s gum tissue or to nearby teeth. You could also leave pieces of his bone behind in the tooth socket, which may result in an infection.

If the baby tooth became loose on its own, it will fall out on its own. You don’t have to force it out—that’s Mother Nature’s job. 

A smiling child near a stairway with a loose tooth

But What If It’s Really Loose?

Although you should avoid trying to pull a loose tooth, sometimes it really does seem like that tooth is hanging on by a thread. Before pulling, apply some pressure to the tooth in your child’s mouth. If she feels any pain, this means that the tooth roots are not dissolved enough yet for you to remove her tooth safely. Even if you think you can just do it quickly, stop if your child describes a sensation from the pressure.

Also, before you start pulling baby teeth, be sure to contact your child’s dentist for advice. Her dentist can help you to determine whether removing the tooth is the best option at this time. 

A young boy with a gap in his smile from losing a baby tooth

What Happens When a Loose Tooth Falls Out Naturally?

If you allow your child’s teeth to fall out on their own, this clears the path for his permanent teeth to start coming in. As a result, you can expect his permanent teeth to grow in the mouth with no issues. 

The key takeaway? You should not pull a loose tooth if you can help it. It’s tempting, but just let your child’s baby teeth come out on their own. If you have concerns, you should take your child to the dentist for additional guidance.

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